How It Works

Our technology lets you find the top-rated, local, auto repair shops while we help the business owner keep their bays filled with vehicle owners like YOU!

How It Works
You...The Vehicle Owner

We started by listening to you, the vehicle owner, about what frustrated you the most about the entire automobile repair process...and this is what you told us...


Most consumers feel distrustful of auto repair shops .


Repair costs are more expensive and never what you've budgeted.


Many consumers feel vulnerable and that they're being taken advantage of because they lack automotive knowledge.

The Shop Owner

Then we talked to the shop owner and identified the most common problems they experience with servicing your automobile.

Overcoming Distrust

Merchants find it difficult to build profitable relationships when consumers don't trust them.

Marketing is Expensive

Marketing and advertising campaigns are expensive and take critical upfront cash to get started.

Getting New Customers

Getting new customers can be a feast or famine for many merchants, then keeping those customers coming back.

Then we went to work

Then we went to work
We designed a digital platform that helps the vehicle owner save money on their auto repairs and find quality, trustworthy repair shops.
We also designed a platform that helps the shop owner get new customers and helps them build a long-term trusting relationship all without paying any fees or subscriptions.

Why should you use AutoPair?

Let's face it...if you don't use AutoPair, you'll pay more for the same service. So, why not try it?

Discounted Certificates
AutoPair's discounted certificates provide you immediate savings on your repairs and maintenance.
High quality shops
There is no other place on the web you can compare shops and find the best quality facilities and owners.
Verified Reviews
Our review system not only rates the shop overall, but also on different categories; cleanliness, value, professionalism, quality of work, customer service.
Low Risk
If you use a certificate at a shop, you'll pay less money for your service. If you choose not to use AutoPair, you'll pay more...why wouldn't you try it?
110% Money-Back
It's simple...if for some reason you can't use a certificate, we'll refund 110% of your purchase price.
Business Details
Find out about the shop before you go in. Things like, how long they've been in business, pictures, labor rate, amenities, personnel, warranties, even if they're involved in the community!
Why not try it?
Let's face it...If you don't use AutoPair, you'll pay more for the same service.
Own A Shop?
Find out how you can get more customers without paying any fees or subscriptions.