Discover What AutoPair Can Do For
Your Business

AutoPair is a suite of software tools specifically designed for auto repair businesses to help you get new customers, keep your bays filled, and make more money without any risk to you.


Our platform uses the latest cutting-edge digital marketing, search technology and artificial intelligence to promote your shop to local vehicle owners looking for auto repair services.

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certificates bring them in

Vehicle owners discover your shop on AutoPair and purchase a repair certificate from the promotions you've offered. Certificates are designed to motivate consumers to try out your shop and services.

You Make More Money

Merchants enjoy a steady stream of customers over an extended period of time, rather than the brief rush that comes from other deal sites. This helps you to generate a sustainable, long-term pipeline and make more money.

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Why AutoPair?
New Customers
Find new customers without spending any fees or subscriptions!
Increase Revenues
More customers means more revenues for you and your technicians.
More Customers
Build local awareness and get more customers coming into your shop.
Increase Profits
Increase revenues, profits, and track ROI on your marketing.
Increase Car Counts
Your technicians stay busy, are happier, and make more money.
Build Relationships
Our platform helps you build long-term relationships with your customers.
Expand Your Marketing
Expand your marketing and message using our digital platform & tools.
The Problem...Traditional Advertising
Traditional advertising requires you to spend money out of your pocket just to initiate a campaign. Most mass advertising has no REAL way to track your results or the potential customers you might get.
Advertisers will show you lots of stats and charts about your potential "reach", but in the end, determining your ROI is next to impossible. Most shops have spent money on these types of campaigns in the past with little to show for it.
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There's A Better Way

AutoPair is the perfect tool for repair shops and dealerships to attract new customers.

AutoPair delivers new customers to your shop.

You don't pay any fees or subscriptions to AutoPair.

You keep 100% of everything the vehicle owner spends with you.

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...But that's just the beginning...

Getting a new customer is just the first step. We help you take that new customer and turn them into a long-term, repeat, profitable relationship.